Products that give joy

TROIKA sells products that give you joy. Yourself, a friend, a customer or business partner. TROIKA products have been extremely successful for more than 20 years. They give joy and fun. From the smallest key chain to the most elaborate desk object. So you can be sure: if it’s not fun, it’s not a TROIKA product.

Product Design

Simple and self-explanatory, contemporary and trendy, emotional and often with a little startling extra idea. Not for professionals and designers. But for the people who use our products.

Our Core Values

Innovation, function and design – Our magic value triangle. Each TROIKA product reflects one or more of these values. They are firmly in the DNA of our program and make TROIKA products so special.

The Designers

TROIKA works together with more than 20 renowned designers and design offices worldwide. So new, fresh product ideas from the most diverse regions, cultural circles and scenes come into the program.

The development process

New ideas are presented, discussed and often converted into successful products in TROIKA’s internal ideas module. Designers and TROIKA customers are on board, customer input is always welcome. Product development as team work – a real success at TROIKA.

The Awards

TROIKA products have been awarded with renowned German and international design awards more than 70 times. This confirms the consistently high design quality of our complete product range.

Design Awards
Designers Welcome!

Are you a designer yourself and sparkling with ideas? Then let us think together, if one of them does not fit into our product portfolio! We offer you an excellent marketing platform for your idea and accompany you with our entire experience on the way to a marketable product. Get in contact with us immediately: