How TROIKA stands for quality, safety and the environment

We develop and distribute high-quality design gifts worldwide. This brings with it responsibility for quality, safety and environment, which we expressly ask ourselves.

We observe the following principles:

Our products should meet our high quality standards, give the user a long-lasting pleasure and be absolutely safe for him. TROIKA products should not burden the environment unnecessarily, neither during their life cycle nor during their disposal. In the production of our products, the environment should be preserved and the employees involved in production and distribution should not be exposed to any risks. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to participate in the production of our products. We act fairly, take into account the interests of our employees, customers and suppliers and do not actively or passively take advantage of them.

To put these principles into practice, we act as follows:

Right from the development stage, we set all requirements for the quality and safety of our products. We select only harmless materials for our products. Already in this phase, we determine the product features, which we actively review later. Our suppliers are required to comply with these requirements. Together, we set goals for how our suppliers can evolve in terms of quality, safety and the environment. We check on-site if children work for our suppliers. The initial samples of our products are tested in Germany before their market launch and only released after passing the test. If we classify products as being particularly relevant to safety, we regularly have random samples tested in a German laboratory. We oblige our suppliers to carry out continuous production controls and to prove ourselves on request. We constantly optimize all our order processing processes. This is how we want to avoid mistakes, minimize risks and satisfy our customers as quickly and optimally as possible. We regularly review our policies and practices described herein and adapt them to changing conditions or our changing needs.